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Well Decommissioning

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Well Decommissioning

Many wells and test holes around homes and farms throughout the province have been abandoned without being properly sealed and decommissioned. These wells that are no longer in use or improperly decommissioned can pose a serious threat to groundwater quality and may contaminate the aquifer.


Why Decommission a Well?
  • Abandoned WellEnsures the safety of those in the vicinity of the well. They are often not marked or covered, and can pose a hazard to people or animals and damage machinery.
  • Prevents surface runoff from directly entering an aquifer, contaminating the aquifer and potentially contaminating nearby wells.
  • Prevents the vertical movement of water within a well and prevents cross-contamination of different aquifers.
  • Conserves aquifer yield and hydraulic head.

Groundwater is a source of domestic drinking water for many communities and rural residents within the watershed. Emphasis on proper well decommissioning is critical in protecting water supplies. SSRWSI is working to provide education on the protection groundwater and to partner with the provincial and federal government agencies to inventory and test domestic water supplies in the watershed.

Well Decommissioning WorkshopMore Information:


Well Decommissioning – Video ( Approx.6 min.)


Water Well Management – Landowners Guide:
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Chapter 3: Protecting Wells from Contamination
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