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grassroots, community driven, non-profit organization working within the watershed to implement programs and initiatives that will protect the water resource.

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Water Quality Assessment

Access to clean water is essential to life. Human health, livelihood, industry and economies depend on it. The South Saskatchewan River is the largest single supplier of water in Saskatchewan for drinking, irrigation, industrial uses, and recreation, with about 46% of the provincial population in Saskatchewan depending on the South Saskatchewan River for their daily needs.


The South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards recognizes the need for better monitoring and management of water quality and quantity in the South Saskatchewan River:

  • To engender an appreciation and an understanding of the fundamental importance and value of protecting the water supply.
  • To ensure a safe and adequate supply of potable water for the people of Saskatchewan who depend on the S. SK. River.
  • To protect and preserve the quality and quantity of surface water and ground water within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed.
  • To promote environmentally friendly management practices and support local municipalities and industries, both in terms of water usage and effluent release or runoff.
The Water Quality Monitoring Project is a research and planning initiative, led by SSRWSI Environmental Projects Coordinator Amanda Burke, that brings together multiple stakeholders for integrated source water protection in the watershed.  In partnership with the University of Saskatchewan and with support from the City of Saskatoon, the Meewasin Valley Authority, and the Provincial Ministries of Environment and Agriculture, this project will identify key sources of landuse which adversely impact water quality in the South Saskatchewan River.  From this project a water quality monitoring program will be designed that addresses potential risk to water quality in the South Saskatchewan River, and will include a network of stakeholders to utilize timely and essential water quality information. 

This project seeks to meet the following objectives of the Source Water Protection Plan:
  • Develop a geodatabase of important information for watershed management, including known groundwater wells, gravel pits, and landfills.
  • Develop and implement a watershed protection program that targets known high-risk potential sources of contamination to drinking water from human and non-human sources.

Water Quality in the South SK River Basin Report

This report identifies key sources of land use or human activity which can adversely impact water quality in the South Saskatchewan River. This study was conducted by a Masters of Environmental Science Candidate Amanda Burke and operated in partnership with the University of Saskatchewan School of environment and Sustainability, with support from the City of Saskatoon, the Meewasin Valley Authority, and the Provincial Ministries of Environment and Agriculture.

Cover Page

Table of Contents

I. Introduction to the South Saskatchewan River Basin
II. Project Overview

III. Understanding Water Quality

IV. Characteristics of Water Quality in the South Saskatchewan River

V. Water Quality Benchmarking for the South Saskatchewan River

VI. Land Use Risk Assessment

VII. Water Quality Monitoring Program Design
VIII. Benificial Management Practices

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