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Guidelines & Regulations

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Guidelines, Regulations, and Strategies



Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality

This publication contains a compilation of recommended limits for substances and conditions that affect the quality of drinking water. The guidelines and recommendations are intended to apply to all drinking water supplies, public and private.


Guidelines for Recreational Water Quality - Pages 1-48 | Page 49-101

The guidelines deal with health hazards as well as aesthetic and nuisance conditions associated with recreational water. Recreational waters refer to those natural waters used not only for primary contact activities, such as swimming, windsurfing, and waterskiing, but also for secondary contact activities, such as boating and fishing.


Sask Environment- Stormwater Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to provide a high-level technical guidance to municipal authorities,individuals and consultants who plan to develop and implement drainage systems for stormwater in urban/built-up municipal areas, commercial and industrial areas in Saskatchewan.

Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality - Fourth Edition
The guidelines are addressed primarily to water and health regulators, policymakers and their advisors, to assist in the development of national standards. It considers: drinking-water safety, approaches used in deriving the Guidelines, microbial hazards, climate change, and chemical contaminants.
World Health Organization (WHO). July 2011



The Water Regulations
Chapter E-10.21 Reg 1 (effective December 5, 2002) as amended by Saskatchewan Regulations 15/2007


Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Act 2005
Chapter S-35.03 of the Statues of Saskatchewan, 2005 (effective May 27, 2005) as amended by the Statues of Saskatchewan, 2006. c.34.

Ground Water Regulations
Saskatchewan Regulations 172/66 (effective July 22, 1966) as amended by Saskatchewan Regulations 198/71, 194/68, 30/67 and 107/2006.


Drainage Control Regulations
Chapter D-33 Reg 1 (effective August 18, 1981) as amended by Saskatchewan Regulations 95/82 and 106/2006.


The Water Power Act
Chapter W-6 of The Revised Statues of Saskatchewan, 1978 (effective February 26, 1979) as amended by the Statues of Saskatchewan, 1980-81, c.33; 1983, c.11; 1983-84, c.63; 1989-90, c.5 and 54, c.S-35.02; and 2005, c.S-35.03.





SSRWS Source Water Protection Plan
The Source Water Protection Plan outlines the goals, objectives and key areas of interests or issures for source water protection within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed.

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards, 2007



25 Year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan

The 25 year Saskatchewan Water Security Plan is a forward-looking document that seeks to deal with water issues not currently being addressed or in need of review or revitalization. The Plan sets out a vision, seven principles, seven goals and 29 action areas.
Water Security Agency, 2012


Saskatchewan’s Safe Drinking Water Strategy
Saskatchewan's Safe Drinking Water Strategy encourages cooperation and partnerships that will allow us to make the best use of a limited resource. It describes the actions needed to deal with the challenges of source protection, water treatment, testing and public reporting. It will also help everyone in the province understand his or her role in conserving and managing water.

Government of Saskatchewan, 2002

Saskatchewan's 25 Year Water Security Plan Consultation Document
The 25 Year Water Security Plan outlines the province's vision for a secure water future for all of Saskatchewan. The plan will identify how government will achieve its water management goals and contribute to the effective management and security of the province's water supplies. The plan is currently under development and the Ministry of Environment is consulting through many provinical stakeholders through this document.

Saskatchewan Water Conservation Plan
The Saskatchewan Water Conservation Plan includes adopting a strategic framework of a vision, principles, goals, strategic outcomes and objectives that ensures greater attention is paid to water conservation as a social, environmental and economic driver.
Saskatchewan Watershed Authority, 2006



Prairie Water Directive

A Collective Call to Action for Water Security in the Prairie Provinces by working with citizen groups, communities and organizations to collectively and democratically create a platform to advocate for change, participate in decision-making and hold governments accountable for the decisions they take regarding our water.

Prairie Water Watch, 2009




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