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South Sask River AEGP Update

The last few months have been busy ones for the Agri-Environmental Group Plan techs. We had not one, not two, but three program deadlines! From April 1 to June 30, the Farm Stewardship pre-approval BMP deadline, we worked with 21 producers completing 27 applications for Farm Stewardship projects. The first Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP) deadline was for August 1 and we sent in many applications in those last few weeks. The FRWIP deadline was extended to the end of September because of the very dry conditions and the need for water development. From April 1 to September 30, we worked with 42 producers and submitted 64 applications in total. Currently the only projects that can still be applied for are the rebate BMPs. With the wrapping up of the Farm Stewardship and Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Programs our attention will be turning to education and awareness with the planning of field days and workshops.

This summer we were approached to help organize and facilitate two invasive plant tours. The first was held in the RM of Rudy. Despite 13 degree temperatures, 60 km winds, and rain, we got about 45 attendees! Thank you to the RM for promoting the tour and supplying lunch. Presentations were held in the morning and the afternoon was a field tour to identify invasive plants and discuss control. A couple weeks later we collaborated with Willner Elbow Pasture on a Leafy Spurge tour. Again, there was very good attendance with 35-40 people coming out to discuss control methods. A big Thank you to Ministry of Ag and Meewasin for all their help and supporting our events!AEG UpdateAEG Update 2

In July we partnered with Carrot River Watershed and Nature Conservancy of Canada and hosted a field day near Alvena. Plant ID, pasture assessments, riparian assessments and weed ID and control were all discussed. Again, we had a good turnout!

AEGP Update 3
For the last several years the South Sask River AEGP techs have requested and organized a booth at Ag in Motion. This is a new event near Langham that is growing every year. With the Growing Forward 2 programs winding down, we had a lot of visits from producers with questions and directed them to their local AEGP techs for help with applications.

Upcoming AEGP events:
October 26th – Well Decommissioning Demonstration RM 461
November 1st – Dollars & Sense: Considerations for your Livestock Operation – Asquith
November 2nd – Dollars & Sense: Considerations for your Livestock Operation – Hanley

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