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grassroots, community driven, non-profit organization working within the watershed to implement programs and initiatives that will protect the water resource.

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Telephone: 1.306.343.9549

About the South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc. (SSRWSI)

The SSRWSI strives to protect water quality and quantity within the South Saskatchewan River. We ultimately believe that watershed stewardship is about serving the community by protecting resources for both the residents, and the natural ecosystems of the watershed. Some of the important actions that the watershed stewards address through education, awareness, and communication with members of the watershed community include:

  • Developing and implementing an educational and communication strategy for the watershed
  • Facilitating financial and technical support to ensure the provision of safe drinking water
  • Protecting groundwater by encouraging residents to test domestic water wells
  • Promoting and encouraging the voluntary retention  and of native upland and wetland habitats
  • Developing a regional landfill plan in partnership with our members
  • Providing  residents with information about recycling and disposing of harmful chemicals
  • Promoting the development of a storm water management plan for all urban communities


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The Board                                                                                                                                        
The board of directors for SSRWSI consists of up to three representatives from each watershed planning area, up to two representatives from the City of Saskatoon as the largest municipality in the watershed, and two representatives from special interest groups.

Our History
The South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards Inc (SSRWSI) was incorporated in April 2007. It began as a steering committee consisting of members of the Watershed Advisory Committes (WACs) to develop and implement a watershed planning process and the Source Water Protection plan.

The South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards have grown enormously since their one staff member in 2008.  Currently there are four dedicated staff members for the SSRWSI.

Become a member and help support the SSRWSI while bringing watershed programs and initiatives to your community.

Current Members
Our members, which include rural and urban municipalities as well as special interest groups, play a fundamental role in supporting the activities of the SSRWSI.

The SSRWSI is proud to work with many organizations including governments, municipalities and environmental organizations to promote environmental protection and stewardship in the South Saskatchewan River Basin.

The South Saskatchewan River                                                                                                     
The SSRWSI is committed to protecting the quanitiy and quality of the valuable water resourse of the South Saskatchewan River, one of the largest and most important rivers in Saskatchewan.

The Source Water Protection Plan                                                                                                 
The SSRWSI addresses the key actions of the Source Water Protection plan through specific, targeted programs.

An alphabetical list of definitions and terms found in this website or that is related to watersheds and watershed management.


      There is little in the natural environment, economy, and society of Saskatchewan that is not intimately tied to and sustained by the flow and storage of water... nowhere else in Canada does the lack or excess of water cause such widespread concern, nor are there many Canadian environments that are subject to greater seasonal change”

- Pomeroy, de Boer, and MartzHydrology and Water Resources of Saskatchewan, 2005



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