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The Caring For Our Watersheds Final Oral Competition Results

Caring for our Watersheds Oral Competition Caring for Our Watersheds LogoThe Caring For Our Watersheds final oral competition was held on Saturday, May 6. The students did an amazing job presenting their ideas under pressure. The results are as follows:

  1. 1st Place  $1,000.00 Jinny Kim, Heather Grove, and Kassie Tan from Greystone Heights School for getting two low flow toilets installed in their school
  2. 2nd Place  $900.00 Ella Funk and Alice Yurach from Montgomery School for writing and publishing an educational children’s book to put in school libraries
  3. 3rd Place $800.00 Claire Thomson, Micah Muller, and Nicola Funk from Brunskill School for implementing a marker recycling program in their school
  4. 4th Place  $700.00 Nicole Bachman and Macy Boensch from St. Edward School for creating an environmental website to educate students about their watershed
  5. 5th Place  $600.00 Paige Belcourt and Penelope Tweten from Caswell Community School for creating a vermicomposting program in their school
  6. 6th Place  $500.00 Aaryan Patel and Aryan Mehta of Montgomery School for the idea of mixing beet juice with road salts to create a more environmentally-friendly way to melt driveway and sidewalk ice in their neighbourhood
  7. 7th Place  $450.00 Anas Raza, Seth Kapell, Mohammad Iqbal, and Dawson Puderak of Caswell Community School for handing out car timers to staff at their school and creating an anti-idling program to reduce CO2 emissions.
  8. 8th Place  $400.00 Heidi Stein of Ecole River Heights for installing nine rain barrels at her school for school and community use
  9. 9th Place  $350.00 Thomas Kostiuk and Kole Friesen of Marion Graham Collegiate for encouraging students to compost by giving them free cookies in exchange for compostable items
  10. 10th Place  $300.00 Adam McNutt and Sam Edwards of St. Edward School for building habitat for predators (mice and birds) of the European Gypsy Moth, which destroys many trees annually

The winning schools will also receive matching money, and implementation money is available for the students to see their ideas through.

On behalf of Agrium and Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin, we want to thank you again for judging this competition. It’s a worthwhile program that means so much to the students, teachers, schools, and to us. Have a wonderful summer!

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