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Protect Your Source Water

Posted on: 15th June 2017 |,Written by | Southsaskriver Stewards , Under | SSRWSI News
What are the source water risks?

What are the source water risks?

Your source water is the untreated water from groundwater or surface water that supplies drinking water for human consumption. A major concern for you and your community is the possibility of contamination of your source water impacting human health and the natural environment. These risks need to be addressed and managed by developing and implementing of a Source Water Protection Plan.

Source Water Protection Planning (SWPP) is a step by step community approach to assessing risks that may impact the communities source water that the community uses for their drinking water. The SWPP enables the community to evaluate risks, rank risks, and create management actions to address these risks. Every community has source drinking water and potential risks. Risks can be contaminates, nutrient loading, aging infrastructure as well as others issues. Developing a SWPP can improve your water quality, safety issues, reduce water treatment costs, increase your resilience to issues such as flooding, surface contamination, reduce infrastructure costs and reduce flood mitigation costs. Emergency Response planning can also be part of your Source Water Management Plan.

Treatment and delivery systems need to be protected.

Treatment and delivery systems need to be protected.

The SSRWS will work in cooperation and provide assistance in to the Village of Riverhurst, Town of Gull Lake and the Eston/Kindersley Water West Regional Partnership and their respective communities to develop their new community Source Water Protection Plans. The SSRWS will also continue in to support and assist in source water management and planning with the Pike Lake Cottage and Watershed Association and the Beardy’s/Okemasis First Nations community.



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