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The SSRWSI is a

grassroots, community driven, non-profit organization working within the watershed to implement programs and initiatives that will protect the water resource.

Agri-Environmental Group Plan Activities

AEGP Activities - DinsmoreGrowing Forward 2 is coming to a close March 31st. Deadlines for the Farm Stewardship and Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Programs have all passed. April 1st 2018 the new Canadian Agricultural Partnership program will come into effect. To date, no details on how the new program will be delivered has been shared. February 12th, a grazing workshop was held in the Dinsmore area where producers worked through grazing scenarios for their operations and got their nutrition, water, and forages questions answered. If you would like one in your area, please let us know! Watch for details on the provincial website

In the fall we hosted a well decommissioning demonstration east of Prince Albert. We partnered with the Carrot River Watershed and as a result, they put together a YouTube video highlighting the steps involved in a decommissioning. They did a great job! In November we hosted two workshops for producers with information on water quality and testing, grazing management in dry conditions, and forage insurance. Thank you to everyone who presented and attended! January was busy helping producers with claim forms for FSP and FRWIP.

February and March will be spent wrapping up reporting and a few last workshops. In March, there will be a weed workshop in Central Butte for producers, weed inspectors, custom sprayers and anyone else interested in managing invasive species. Plant ID, integrated weed management, spray technology and more will be covered. We are applying to have this event qualify for Continuing Education Credits. Call Kerry at 306-460-4987 if you are interested in attending.

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