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SAW Report – May 21, 2018

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Saskatchewan Association of Watersheds (SAW) is the umbrella organization for the 11 watershed groups in the province. Each watershed is represented by one delegate to serve on the SAW board of directors. The board meets 5 times per year, with meetings taking place in either Moose Jaw or Regina. Water Security Agency (WSA) is always present at these meetings due to the fact that much of the work done by the membership groups stems from contracts with WSA, and the fact that core funding is provided to each group by WSA.

Each year work plans are made by all Watershed Groups that are submitted to WSA. The SAW is required to do the same for its member groups. Here is the plan as of June of 2017.

Strategic plan #1: Promote the value of water and importance of stewardship.

  • Develop a strategy and a working relationship with Government Ministries and NGOs to promote Watershed Planning, Source Water Protection, and Integrated Watershed Management across Sask.
  • Aid in planning the 2018 Conference and AGM
  • Organize the MLA Reception in Fall of 2017
  • Submit a proposal to Ministry of Ag. (MOA) to deliver AEGP, FRWIP and Environmental Farm Plan programming for growing forward 3
  • Deliver Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) education and awareness provincially across Sask.
  • Aid in organizing the Provincial Drainage/Water Management Conference as required.
  • Develop Partnerships with the following NGO Organizations: SUMA, SARM, SCDA, DUC, PCAP (Prairie Conservation Action Plan), PARCS (Provincial Association of Resort Communities of Sask) and other groups to promote watershed planning and Source Water Protection.

Strategic Plan #2: Assist Provincial Government with the implementation of the WSA’s 25 Year Plan.

  • Continue to communicate and promote the effectiveness of SAW’s membership in promoting and implementing WSA’s 25 Year Plan to the Minister and WSA Executive.
  • Continue to partner with WSA to organize watershed manager quarterly meetings.
  • Review SAW’s existing strategic plan and begin organizing the development of a new strategic plan.
  • Develop contractual relations with WSA to assist them in the 25 Year WSA Work Plan. Example: qualified person training, mitigation for drainage, water management conference.

Strategic Plan #3: Improve the Organizational Effectiveness of SAW.

  • Work with WSA in organizing and providing professional development to watershed managers.
  • Research and development supplementary funding sources for SAW and its membership.
  • Continue to secure and increase adequate core funding for SAW members.
  • Chair the quarterly watershed managers meetings.
  • Become a liason with Ministry of Agriculture to increase/improve the effectiveness of AEGP.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for SAW and its membership.

Every year in June another work plan is created by the board and carried out by the Executive Director of the organization.

SAW provides a unified voice for all watersheds to WSA and Provincial Government.

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